Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The New Yorker? AYFKM?

So, my little project got a mention in The New Yorker, which is just INSANE. The New Yorker! You can see it here:

Generation Cryface

An excerpt:

If you’ve come across the “Claire Danes Cry Face” meme—it began as a Pinterest board and evolved into this viral montage—you’ve seen the meanish, gleeful thrust of the joke: that every scene or movie which Danes is a part of leads inevitably to the moment when her mouth contorts into a grimace, her lower lip trembles, and she lets out a violent sob (or, as last night’s spoof on S.N.L. put it, “her whole face looks like it’s chewing gum”).

I’ll be meanishly, gleefully thrusting some Temple Grandin up in here this afternoon, so feel free to stop back by later.


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